Book Review: The Scribe by Francine Rivers

07 Sep

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I’m not sure I can even put into words how this book affected me. I had always known that Silas journeyed with Paul and some of the other apostles, but not much else. This book is an amazing look at Silas, his work as a scribe – penning the letters from the apostles – and his work as a voice for Jesus. It is the fifth volume of the Sons of Encouragement series. After reading this book, I have to read the others!

What really impressed me the most about this book is how difficult it was for the apostles to carry the message of Jesus. In their lifetime, they saw thousands of people come to Christ. On the Day of Pentecost alone, three thousand people joined the Kingdom of God. But their work for the kingdom came with a high cost to them. The temple elders and rulers of the day viewed the Christian movement as extremely dangerous to their positions, so they did anything and everything they could to stop it.

The apostles faced danger wherever they went. They endured beatings, stonings, prison, and worse for the cause of the kingdom. The resurrection of Jesus instilled in them such a passion for spreading the news that the Messiah had come that they considered it an honor to suffer as their master had.

Reading of the exciting work of the apostles and what they went through to do it, made me think of my own cushy life. I have no idea what it is to suffer. I’ve never had to face the danger of being up against powers like the religious and governmental rulers that the apostles faced. So, why is it that I’m not spreading the gospel like they were? If I don’t have to worry about being punished for it, if it is perfectly legal, if I am free to speak of God, why don’t I do it more often?

The only way to answer this is to put it before God. Here I am, God. I don’t know what I can do to serve you, but I’m open to do what you ask.

If you want to learn of the founders of Christianity, if you want an infusion of passion for Jesus, if you just love Francine Rivers, please read this book. I’m sure it will have a different effect on everyone who reads it. But I know it will affect you.

Description of the book:

Volume 5 in the Sons of Encouragement series by best-selling author Francine Rivers introduces us to Silas. His wealth allowed him a position of power. His obedience led him to give up his worldly possessions. His humility helped him dedicate his life to recording the words of others.

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