Book Review: The Land Between by Jeff Manion

15 Nov

This is a timely message for a lot of people right now. It speaks to those who are unemployed, grieving, suffering a loss, or going through anything that they didn’t see coming.

It really spoke to me in my Land Between as my husband is unemployed and trying to find work. Jeff Manion compares these times to the Israelites as they wandered in the desert. You can make a choice to complain and become bitter as many of the Israelites did, or you can make a choice to talk to God and allow him to be your strength as Moses did.

Manion does a great job of helping the reader see past the frustration of the moment and helping us to focus on what God is doing. In the midst of the chaos and heartache, there can be transformation. The choice is ours.

My husband and I have always respected Jeff Manion. He is the pastor of a local church. I was eager to read this book when I learned of it. Manion is a great speaker, who teaches the truth of God’s Word. I was pleased to find out that he is a very good writer too. I truly enjoyed reading this work and being challenged by his words.


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