Book Review: The Real Skinny on Losing It by Michelle McKinney Hammond

14 Feb

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This is not your mother’s diet book. There isn’t a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo. There is a little talk about how food and exercise affect your body, but for the most part, this is encouragement to change the way you eat and make it a lasting lifestyle. It certainly gave me encouragement to stick with a healthy way of eating.

Michelle writes the book in her own style. The word “girlfriend” is tacked onto the end of a lot of sentences. When she proclaims something profound, she follows it up with “true dat.” And she uses many more colloquial expressions in the book. For the first half of the book, it really got under my skin, and I wondered where on earth the editor was. But after a while, I got used to it, and it was okay.

There was only one thing I disagreed with in the book. She obviously hasn’t read Dr. Atkin’s New Diet Revolution. She basically slaughtered and pureed it chapter 14. She states that you don’t eat fruits, juice, dairy, vegetables, or any carbs whatsoever when you take up an Atkins lifestyle. Let me say it once and for all. This is not true. I eat fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy, and juice regularly on a lowcarb lifestyle. It’s about moderation. I feel very strongly that she should have educated herself before she wrote about the diet. She got it all wrong. I hate to use the word slander, but it is borderline. Thankfully, she didn’t dwell on it too long. Again, I wondered where the editors and fact-checkers were when they came to this chapter.

All in all, I really did like the book. It was inspiring. I was more inspired with the encouragement to go to God with your needs rather than all of the references to Oprah in the book. I have found that it is easier to diet and exercise if you are surrendered to God. He gives you the peace and contentment in your heart that you are craving.

One of things in the book that really stuck with me was that you should treat your stomach like a child’s tantrums. Every time it screams out for something it shouldn’t have, you need to give that child some discipline and not give in to it. That has already helped me say “no” to my cravings.

This is a great book! I would recommend it for some encouragement and inspiration to get started and keep going with a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Tyndale for sending me a copy to review.


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