Book Review: The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

27 Apr

The Corruptible book review, Mark Mynheir, christian detective novel, ray quinn, christian mysteryThe first thing I noticed about this book was how funny it was. I really enjoyed the main character’s sense of humor as well as the author’s. Take these two lines for example when a character was being described whom the main character did not like: “The gelatinous mass of cop regarded me as he crossed his arms and bared his predatory teeth, which gave him great pleasure when he sank them into wayward cops. His supersized suit was wrinkled, and a shaggy, unkempt throw rug covered his head.”

That’s just enjoyable reading! I loved it!

Besides the humor, I appreciated the glimpse into Ray Quinn’s (the main character) struggle with alcohol and the subtle working of the Holy Spirit, bringing Ray closer and closer to Himself. In this book, I was taken into a life without God’s influence. It’s gets slightly raw at times, but it illustrates why we need to keep reaching out to people without giving up on them. There is a secondary character in the book who continuously tells Ray about the joy of God. There came a point when I said to myself that she should just give up, but she didn’t. This really made me question myself. Would I have really given up on someone like that? It made me think.

In all, I give this book the highest ratings. I loved the writing style. I normally don’t like books written by men, so I started reading it with a slight attitude. But right from the first paragraph, I was hooked on the story, the main character, and Mark Mynheir’s writing style and quality. I’d love to read all of his books! Mark is wonderful writer. The whole book was enjoyable.

The Corruptible is the second book in this series. The first book in the series is The Night Watchman.

Thank you Multnomah for providing a copy for my review.

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