Book Review: Max on Life by Max Lucado

29 Apr

Max on Life, Max Lucado, Christian answers, tough questions, questions about God, answers from the Bible, biblical answers, answers and insights

In flipping through this book, you will find just about every question imaginable about God, marriage, work life, hard times, and even the tough questions like asking how a loving God can allow evil and heartache. The answers that Max gives aren’t super in-depth. Most of them are just a few paragraphs long, others are a page and a half. I feel that these answers from Max are a good starting point for someone who has a tough question that they haven’t been able to answer themselves. The book gives some nice direction.

I especially liked this quote from the book when asked how a husband and wife can get along better with each other: “When the husband focuses on growing toward Christ and the wife focuses on growing toward Christ, it automatically brings them together. Christ is not going to fight with Christ.” Great advice, Max!

This book would also be great for people who are constantly counseling others or people who have been asked difficult questions and didn’t know how to answer them. For anyone, this is a great reference book to have on hand. No one person can answer every question others have (or all the questions they have themselves). Having a book full of answers at your fingertips is a great thing!

Thank you Thomas Nelson for providing me with a copy of this book for review.


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