Book reviews for Love Wins by Rob Bell

08 May

Love Wins by Rob Bell is a very controversial book that was just released in March. I have not to read the book. I have chosen not to read it because I don’t care to open myself up to false teaching and be lulled into it. Rob is an excellent communicator, who is very creative and compelling. He also has a way making people out who disagree with him as hostile and narrow-minded. To have to use this kind of verbal abuse toward people who disagree with you is a huge red flag that says to me that there is something fishy going on.

As I have researched what the book is about and read excerpts from it, it is very clear that this book is not based on the truth of the Bible. What is clear is that Rob seems to be making up his own theology as he goes and also borrowing theology from Universalism. Sadly, it may be impacting people for eternity.

Since I can’t give my review, having chosen not to read the book, I’ll post other’s reviews of Love Wins here. The reason I’m doing this is because people need to know the truth, and if they have read Rob Bell’s book, they are not getting it from him. People need to know the truth about this false teaching. If you are looking for solid, biblical teaching, turn to the likes of Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, or many others whose writings will line up with the Bible, not against it.

Reviews of Love Wins (I will continue to add more as I find them):


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