Book Review: Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper

05 Nov

Shadows on the sand, gayle roper, new jersey, mystery, suspense novel

Many years ago, I read a lot of Gayle Roper’s book. They are always fun and lively with a great message. I love Gayle’s wit. She is a funny and intelligent writer. Great combination.

This book is not only full of this witty charm, Gayle also uses social networking in her book to advance the story. It is full of facebook users and tweeters. They get in the way, trying to see everything that happens so they can post about it. They help with some situations. They add even more humor. And they make the book very relevant to today.

I thought what was also intriguing about the story is that the murderer’s point of view is sprinkled throughout the book, keeping the character’s identity a mystery. This aspect of the book made me try to figure out who it was and added to the suspense.

Gayle is a very humorous writer, but she’s not afraid of delving into some complicated inner issues. She gets right in the thick of it in this book, dealing with some heartbreaking realities. It was nicely and realistically done. I appreciate a deep character who is going through some rough stuff and seeing them change.

A couple of things were slightly disappointing. One being the cliche of a character saying “I’ll never love again.” But thankfully, it was a small part of the story and the rest of the story was highly intriguing. The other disappointment was the use of miraculously jumping to the right conclusion to help solve the mystery without much thinking or clues involved. This only happened one or two times in the book. Other than those two little things in the book, I absolutely loved it. Loved the characters. Loved the storyline. Loved the location. Loved the book!

This is a good one! I give it 5 stars!

Thank you Multnomah for sending this book to me for review.

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