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Book Review: Heaven Is for Real for Kids by Todd, Sonja, and Colton Burpo

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I have a four-year-old daughter who loves to learn, so I thought this book that is written from a child’s point of view about heaven would be great for her. And I was right. She loved every bit of it.

The book is only about 20 pages long. The chapters are very short. I told her I was going to read one chapter each day to her. Well, that didn’t’ happen. When I was finished with the first chapter, she asked me to read the next one, and the next one after that. And before I knew it, I had read the whole book to her, including the questions and answers at the end, in one sitting. She loved it!

What I love about the book is that it tells of Colton’s experience of going to heaven and seeing Jesus seated at the right hand of God and the Holy Spirit seated on the left. He describes everything he saw in heaven and the people he met there, and it sounds absolutely wonderful. The best part about it is that it all aligns with Scripture as well.

I love his description of Jesus, and the painting of Jesus’ face in his book is amazing. All of the other pictures that illustrate what Colton saw in heaven really help kids to picture what he describes as well.

I give this high marks. It’s a great book! My daughter and I will probably read it many more times.

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Book Review: My First Hands-On Bible

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I’ve been reading this to my four-year-old daughter every night. She absolutely loves it. There are more stories in this story Bible than in any others we have read and it is actual text from the New Living Translation Bible, so it’s not a paraphrase that someone else wrote. I love that she is getting Bible stories from the actual Bible text.

Another thing we both really love about this Bible is that throughout each story there are suggested activities to help children understand and remember the story better. For example, in the story of Noah’s Ark, after you read to your child about all of the animals that were placed on ark, there is a little section that asks the child to walk like an elephant, hop like a kangaroo, and run like a deer. My daughter loves doing these activities and feels like part of the story. There are usually about five or six different ways that the child can experience the story in this way. There are also suggested crafts, outdoor exploration, “The Jesus Connection” that shows how each story is related to Jesus’ life, and a prayer that go along with each story.

This is a wonderful Bible for preschoolers. I give it five stars! And so does my daughter!

Thank you Tyndale for providing this book for my review.


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