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Book Review: Need You Now by Beth Wiseman

Need You Now

This is a book that really encompasses character change. The main character, Darlene, started out as someone I couldn’t relate to. She was completely blind to her family’s problems and seemed to be purposefully naive to her kids’ struggles in particular. She allowed friends of the opposite gender in her teenaged boy’s room alone, let other friends in her kids’ room to spend time with them alone before she got to know them, and just hoped they weren’t doing anything they shouldn’t. Yikes! Talk about Pollyanna!

I related much better to one of the secondary characters, Layla. She was Darlene’s gritty neighbor who ran her own ranch. But she was on the bitter side of life, and Darlene was able to help her with it. And thankfully after a few life circumstances and the help of Layla, Darlene started to wise up herself. The author brought some great character change to Darlene and took her from naive mom to a mom with a little spunk, who would do anything to help her kids.

I’m glad I hung in there with Darlene to see her eyes open and her spirit change. Every female protagonist needs a little spunk to keep things interesting!

Great read! It covered many issues that teens are facing today and issues that parents are facing as well.

Thank you to the publisher for giving me this book to review.

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