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Book Review: Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin

Wrapped in Rain, Charles Martin, Alabama, Jacksonville florida, clopton, resolving anger, forgiving, forgivenessI read this as an ebook on my phone. It’s very different reading a book this way, but it wasn’t bad. This was my first ebook, and it was a lot better than I was expecting. Of course, I did miss the feel of the book, turning pages, and knowing how far I’ve gotten in the book without having to tap a few buttons.

As for the book itself, it was a good look at how anger and hatred can build in someone over a lifetime and how God can help someone let go and live a healthy life. There were some odd scenes in the book that really weren’t needed – like the gas station attendant, the weird customer scene at Clark’s, and a few others I won’t mention. But, apart from those scenes, I really liked the rest of the book. I enjoyed how we are taken back in time to really understand why Tucker and Mutt are the way they are and why they do certain things.

I loved the character of Miss Ella. She did seem to be a little too perfect, but since she is deceased, it might be appropriate. Sometimes when we have lost someone, we make them into these perfect people that no one else will ever live up to. Miss Ella’s voice in Tucker’s head seemed to be his own conscience, and what lived in his conscience is everything that she taught him. Makes me want to be more like her.

This is a good book. It is full of inner turmoil and is driven by relationships. Just the kind I love! Thank you to the publisher for sending me this book to review.


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Book Review: The Reluctant Prophet

The Reluctant Prophet, Nancy Rue, crazy love, holy spirit, nudge, St. Augustine, FLorida, Harley, HOG, sacrament house, allison chamberlain

Now this is what Christian fiction should be! Christian story-telling should be about challenging people on what they really believe and on how they are living. It should show them how God wants us to relate to him and what great things can be accomplished for his glory through our relationship with him. And it should show how God can change someone’s heart.

The Reluctant Prophet does all of that. This is, without question, the best book I’ve read this year. Last year, the best book I read was Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and this book has a similar theme. The main character, Allison, experiences enormous spiritual growth as she listens to the Holy Spirit’s leading and actually obeys. In her obedience, we get to see the amazing things that can be accomplished through someone who doesn’t believe in herself. The phrase, “in our weakness, he is strong” rings true in Allison and what God accomplishes through her.

The first chapter was a little hard to get into. It seemed too long, and I wasn’t sure I was going to like the book. The second chapter became more interesting, and the third chapter had me literally laughing out loud (which elicited some funny looks from my husband). From there, I couldn’t put the book down because of the story of Allison’s transformation and what God was doing around her and through her. I also really liked how her view of some of the secondary characters changed throughout the book – some for the better, some for the worse. It even shows Harley groups in a different light than they are normally cast.

This is a five-star book. Just read it. It’s incredible.

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