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Book Review: The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2012

Christian writers market guide, jerry jenkins

This book is a must for all Christian writers who are looking to get published. Here’s all the information you need compiled into one book. This saves a tremendous amount of work for the writer. I think what will be the most helpful is the listing of Christian literary agents. Most of the big Christian publishers out there don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts (those sent in by writers not through an agent), or they publish very few unsolicited manuscripts, so it is better for a writer to focus on finding an agent.

Other areas of interest in the book are the listings of Christian writers conferences around the nation. It also lists Christian writers’ clubs. These are great ways to improve your writing and maybe meet editors and agents in person, who can offer invaluable advice about writing and getting published.

For me, all the vital information in this book starts on page 451 in the Helps for Writers section. The info on the publishers is great, but sending out unsolicited manuscripts to publishers in not the way to go. You will only face rejection after rejection. What you need to do is get yourself in front of agents and editors in person. So all the info about agents and conferences is what I would focus on.

Thank you Tyndale for giving me this book for review.

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