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Book Review: Sunrise on the Battery by Beth Webb Hart

Sunrise on the battery, beth webb hart, south carolina, charleston

This book made me want to live in Charleston, SC. What a beautiful area.

I also really enjoyed the story. It illustrated the power of the gospel and how it can completely transform a person. In this book, it affected a whole family – in good ways and in difficult ways.

Beth Webb Hart beautifully played out the complexities of wanting to know Christ, but having a spouse who absolutely does not. I love how the main character’s feelings changed from night and day when some of her priorities were interrupted. She was gung-ho about Christianity one day, and the next day it completely ruined her life. These are real-life issues and it is written with quality. Thank you, Beth, for showing the difficult side of blessing.

I do feel the gospel could have been spelled out a little more, but I know the characters understood it. Overall, this is a great book that will challenge your idea of what life is all about.

Thank you Thomas Nelson for sending me this copy for review.

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Hello fellow Christian readers!

Vanessa CarrollThis is my first post on my new blog! This site is for reviewing Christian books. I’ve read a lot, but I will start with the most recent ones I have read. Since I am a fiction lover, there will be a lot of Christian fiction reviews. Please feel free to comment on any review to let me know what you thought of the book also. If it is fiction, please don’t give away the ending or anything else the reader should discover on their own.

Let the reviews begin!

Also, check out my other blog about my work as a freelance writer.

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